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     Remembering Miss Marie

This page of our web site is dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Marie Dougherty. We always called her 'Miss Marie' and all during our student years at OLM, Miss Marie worked in the parish office. We really got to know her while we were doing our work as The Jellybeans. For three years, for every practice and every recording session we had, Miss Marie was right next door in her office. She was quick with a smile and kind words of praise and encouragement about our singing and was always available if we needed anything. She didnít even mind the one day, during practice, when we all went into the parish office to get a drink of water and ended up eating a whole plate of muffins left over from an earlier meeting. She just chalked it up to us being growing girls. Miss Marie loved our group and she was a very sweet person. She was always doing something for kids. Besides being involved with the parish and school of Our Lady of Mercy, Mrs. Dougherty served two terms as president of College Little League here in Jersey City, where both of her daughters, Colleen and Jessica, played softball. Her girls also attended and graduated from OLM. We lost Miss Marie in April of 2013 to breast cancer. She fought a long and courageous battle and The Jellybeans would like to honor her memory while at the same time doing something to help other women like Miss Marie. We have researched several organizations and have settled upon one, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) as our charity of choice. It is the only breast cancer organization with an A+ rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy and 91 cents of every dollar donated to them goes to research and awareness programs. Please visit their web site and make a donation to breast cancer research in memory of Marie Dougherty.


We thank you for your support!

-The Jellybeans

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