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                                                                                                                    "The Jellybeans “No Time For A Bad Day”

The Jellybeans are a unique group of girls that go to Our Lady Of Mercy Academy in New Jersey. Eleven girls make up this band and all of them are in eighth grade! No Time For A Bad Day is their second album. Quite a feat for girls that young.

The seven songs featured on the album are written for The Jellybeans by Anthony Coviello, and they really showcase the band’s talent. With 11 girls, you’d expect to hear something based on a cappella singing, but these girls deliver their own special flavor of pop music.

The music is geared towards tweens but has a different sound from what the Radio Disney crowd is listening to. Many of the songs on No Time For A Bad Day have a 60s girl group vibe—two in particular are “Where Are You Friday?” and “Be On Time.” Like the songs from that era, many of the tracks on No Time For A Bad Day are super-short. But where they are lacking in length, they are heavy on the talent.

When the girls aren’t channeling bands like The Angels, they are singing beautiful harmonies. “One Perfect Moment In Time,” is a beautiful example of voices raised in perfect harmony. It will make everyone who took part in their school’s chorus reminisce. This is how all choruses should sound, but The Jellybeans are more than that.

These girls can really sing and, though some songs are a bit childlike, on No Time For A Bad Day the group sounds professional and much older than their years. That’s what makes their music a great listen for anyone that happens to pick up No Time For A Bad Day.

The songs show how well these girls can handle a variety of styles of music. “We Will Meet Again” is fun pop song that starts slow and builds up to a fun pop rock number. “Say You Like Me,” is pure 60s girl band goodness. It is really hard to toss the music of The Jellybeans into any niche.

What can easily be said about The Jellybeans and their music is that it is fun to listen to. They’ll also leave you with a sense of awe that a bunch of girls in seventh grade (at the time the album was recorded) sounds so fantastic.

No Time For A Bad Day is something special to hear. It also proves that tweens don’t have to sing like Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez to get noticed; the Jellybeans were featured in an Artist Spotlight by the Independent Music Awards, and they deserve those kudos.

It isn’t often that something this fresh and different comes out for this age group of listeners. The fact that this album is such a refreshing listen makes it even better. This set of songs is perfect to sing along to in the car or anywhere—plus, they keep things age-appropriate, another refreshing thing, proving that it is possible to sing songs about love and not get too sexy.

The Jellybeans have created something family-friendly while making music that’s fun. This is definitely a must-listen for the tween crowd, especially if your tween is a fan of Glee.

It is really hard to believe that The Jellybeans are girls on the verge of entering high school. They are definitely some voices that the world should watch and listen for. If they sound this good now, the mind boggles at what they will sound like a few years down the line.

However, it’s nice to listen to an album and know that there is still innocence in the music industry—and that is displayed beautifully on No Time For A Bad Day.

Review by Andrea Guy
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)