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Reviews And Awards
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We've received great reviews for our work. Not bad, especially since we did that work while we were in the seventh and eighth grades. We're very proud of these reviews and you can read them for yourself.


'No Time For A Bad Day' by Andrea Guy


'Look At Us Now' by Andrea Guy


'Look At Us Now' by Alexa Spieler


We've also received three awards from The Song of The Year Contest for our songs, 'This Place I Go,' 'Celebrate God's Love' and 'Look At Us Now.' Even though we didn't actually write the songs, (Tony does that for us) we are, he says, the inspiration behind the music and lyrics. He also says our vocal performance helps to get the songs noticed. As with our reviews, we are very proud of these awards. Again, not bad for seventh and eighth grades.


Below are some photos of us when we sang at Jersey City's City Hall for the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony way back in the seventh grade. That was a lot of fun. Nina, Michelle and Marielle even got interviewed on TV.