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With The Jellybeans making all their recordings while they were in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades, it is difficult to answer the popular question asked of new groups these days; "Who do you sound like?" They have a nice ‘girl group sound’ all their own and their voices have matured from grade to grade and from CD to CD. One thing for sure is, “these girls can really sing.” That was pointed out by Andrea Guy of ‘Review You’ in her review of their second CD, ‘No Time For A Bad Day.’ Their music is very 'pop/rock' and upbeat. In fact, one music reviewer, Matthew Forss, said the music should be in its own genre-jellybean pop. So we'll go with that. The Jellybeans are recorded in Our Lady of Mercy church, next door to their school, and their producer is Steve Lo Presto, 'THE BIG L.' Steve is the bass player in the well known Bruce Springsteen tribute band, The B Street Band. Steve has played with members of Bruce's own E Street Band as well as with members of the group Blondie. He lends his talent on guitar, bass and percussion to their tracks. Keyboard parts are provided by their songwriter/music director, Anthony Coviello, whose influences range from classical music to The Beatles to The Electric Light Orchestra. So yes, with music having that kind of flair to it, The Jellybeans, despite their ages, know how to rock and roll. Different girls take the lead parts in their songs, stamping the song with her own individual style and personality.


The girls also sing a wide variety of song styles and there is something in their repertoire for every age group. Being children themselves, and in the sixth grade at the the time of its recording, their first CD, ‘Back In School,’ is filled with cool songs for kids. As the title suggests, the tunes center on their lives as school students. Their 'little girl' voices were perfect for the songs on that CD, but the music and the arrangements are pretty sophisticated for eleven year old girls. The Jellybeans were very proud to have been the youngest artists ever featured by The Independent Music Awards in an Artist Spotlight for this work. They were also excited when their very first album landed on Pandora Radio.


The above mentioned CD, ‘No Time For A Bad Day,’ picks up where ‘Back In School’ left off; with songs still centering on their lives as young students, but it soon shifts gears to suit their more ‘middle school’ ages. In the song 'Be On Time,' the girls sing of their seventh grade experiences, being in the media, being invited to sing at different venues and of their group ‘going places.’ ‘Say You Like Me’ is a song that deals with their first ‘boy likes girl/girl likes boy’ experience and it is their favorite song on the CD. The closing number, ‘We Will Meet Again’ recalls the early days of friendship, of fun and games, and looks forward to the days ahead, preparing for high school and pursuing their dreams. The video slide show of that song shows the transition from 'those little girls' to the young ladies they are now. It is a perfect segue to their third and final elementary school album, ‘Look At Us Now,’ in which the girls leave all the kids stuff behind and move onto the high school years and all that goes with that experience. It is a remarkable work, and body of work, for girls in elementary school.

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